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Thanks so much to our awesome pinch hitters: templemarker, templemarker, musesfool, havocthecat, honeymink, mosca, netgirl_y2k, paperflowered, queenzulu, shopfront, shyath, ariestess and rawiyaparand. Please let me know if I forgot someone, eep!

For this masterlist, only author is listed.

All My Children
Things You Don't Want To Forget, Bianca/Maggie by a_spare_person

Babysitters Club
Chance Encounter, Dawn/Kristy by monalisaofpasta

Fell Just Like A Star, Cam/Temperance by pene
And then she said hello, Angela/Penelope by templemarker (crossover with Criminal Minds)

Vampirism is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have without Taking Her Clothes Off, Darla/Drusilla by jaspreetpink
Perchance To ..., Cordelia/Faith by havocthecat
Where Are You Going, Buffy/Faith by buffyfreak31
Games We Play, Buffy/Tara by lily_lovely

Criminal Minds
Because God Is a Capable Mathematician When It Comes To Remorse, Ziva/JJ by callmesandy (crossover with NCIS.)
All Around the World (Or, Four Times Emily Prentiss Should Have Talked to Ziva David (And One Time She Did)), Ziva/Emily by llyfrgell (crossover with NCIS)
And then she said hello, Angela/Penelope by templemarker (crossover with Bones)
Momentary Things, JJ/Garcia by musesfool

The Other Name for Home, Wonder Woman/Starfire by tellitslant
Five Tales To Tell When You’re In Love, Cassie/Kara, Cassie/Cissie, Cissie/Mia, Donna/Kory, Kory/Raven by seriousfic

DCU Batverse
The Robin Hood Clause, Kate Kane/Selina Kyle by tl__dr

Desperate Housewives
One Word, Gaby/Edie by irradiatedsoup

Devil Wears Prada
Fantasy/Reality, Miranda/Andy by slammerkinbabe
Alexander McQueen Makes Bed Sheets Now, Emily/Serena by egalitarianmuse
Like the Surprise You Saw Coming, Lily/Andy by maddie508
Clouds Got In My Way, Emily/Andy by swatkat24
What I wanna Be, Emily/Serena by mousiebean
What I Wore to the Revolution, Emily/Andy by jae_w

Not Exactly Human, Susan/Angua by netgirl_y2k

Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood
Inside Out, Sarah-Jane/Donna by jelly_belly99
What Happened When Sally Blinked (if she had blinked), Sally Sparrow/Reinette by redshoeson
Now and Then and Never, Martha/Sarah Jane by cdybedahl
If Destiny's Kind, Rose/Donna by in_the_end
Uncomplicated Negotiations, Martha/Gwen by joanne_c
This Side of Paradise, Thirteen/Martha by theonlytwin (crossover with House MD)
Inside Out, Sarah-Jane/Donna by jelly_belly99

Doctor Who ("old Who")
And There Was A Squid, Tegan/Nyssa by netgirl_y2k
Days Like Crazy Paving, Mel/Ace by ionlylurkhere

Doctor Horrible
About Time!, Groupie 1/Groupie 2 by kaizoku

Another Late Night, Adelle/Echo/(Margaret?) by damelola
and if i ever wake from this fever dream, one day, i'll tell you everything, Mellie/Caroline, November/Echo by bizarro_bluth

More Than Nostalgia, Stokely/Marybeth, Stokely/Delilah by ilthit

Fast and Furious
Constant Speed Test, Mia/Letty by templemarker

You're The Other Side of the World to Me, Kaylee/Saffron by queenzulu
Lessons, Inara/River, River/Kaylee by erinya
Nights of Comfort, Zoe/Kaylee by tvaddictgurl
Love you good and strong (while our love is good and young), Kaylee/Inara by wintercreek

Friday Night Lights
Another Room, Lyla/Tyra by summerstorm

Gossip Girl
From Start To Beginning (Wanting), Blair/Serena by queengreen
Christmas TV, Blair/Serena by present_pathos
Care like you touch me, Vanessa/Serena by thexpuzzler
Meet Me In Budapest, Serena/Vanessa by shopfront
I never said Love, Blair/Georgina by shyath
A Verb For Falling In Love, Blair/Serena by pirateygoodness
the world's a mess (it's in my kiss), Blair/Nellie by sadieflood
Untitled (How Does It Feel), Jenny/Blair by annaalamode
Five Times Vanessa Sees Jenny And One That She Doesn't, Vanessa/Jenny by jaina47

Gossip Girl RPF
My Female Trouble II, Blake/Leighton by fivewhatfive
The self-titled lp, Leighton/Jessica by dirty_diana
the walls were like paper ..., Blake/Leighton by mosca

Grey's Anatomy
Sick of Social Graces, Meredith/Addison by tinyklutzygirl

Harry Potter
Transformations, Astoria/Pansy by slammerkinbabe
Hermione Granger and the Amazing Outfits of Luna Lovegood, Hermione/Luna by likeadeuce
The Tale of Minnie and Hooch, McGonagall/Hooch by katemonkey
Distractions, Narcissa/Lily by gorynna
Distorted Visions, Bellatrix/Narcissa by scarletladyy
Sweet Torture, Bellatrix/Hermione by aaronlisa

A Hundred Times Too Short, Thirteen/Cuddy by paperflowered
Five Times Stacy Wanted A Cigarette, Stacy/Cuddy by ijemanja
This Side of Paradise, Thirteen/Martha by theonlytwin (crossover with Dr. Who)

ifake an interest, Sam/Carly by lilysaid

Lost and Delirious
Blueberry Beauty, Paulie/Tori by shopfront

A Week Of Diplomacy, Morgana/Gwen by zauberer_sirin
Possess, Morgana/Gwen by fiercynn
If the World Ends, Morgana/Gwen by glinda_penguin
almost a whisper, Morgana/Nimueh by theagonyofblank

Cultural Relativism, Abby/Ziva by arsenicjade
Because God Is a Capable Mathematician When It Comes To Remorse, Ziva/JJ by callmesandy (crossover with Criminal Minds.)
All Around the World (Or, Four Times Emily Prentiss Should Have Talked to Ziva David (And One Time She Did)), Ziva/Emily by llyfrgell (crossover with Criminal Minds)
Space for Jethro (and Abby), Abby/Ziva by demoka
Cultural Relativism, Ziva/Abby by arsenicjade

Parks and Rec
something more beautiful than is there, Ann/Leslie by glossing

Saving Grace
Bearking Point, Grace/Rhetta by mammothluv

A Nouveau, Emily/Naomi by fragmentfiction
we sing until dawn of our fears and our fates, Naomi/Kate by the_girl_20
Dominoes, Naomi/Effy, Naomi/Emily by botherd
but the truth is, it was always this (and there is no other word for it), Katie/Emily by immortality
I am alive when I sleep, Effy/Naomi by aphrodite_mine

Skins RPF
Assemble the Ways, Lily/Kat by jengrrrl

Star Trek XI
Earth Style Romantic Gestures, Uhura/Gaila by jain
Passing It Forward, Gaila/OFC by templemarker
Beta Ciel, Uhura/Chapel by starberry_slash

Stargate Atlantis
The truth will get you laid, Cadman/Keller by thrace_
Mace and Cloves, Teyla/Sam by voleuse
Long Way Around, Teyla/Sam by bluflamingo

Stranger Than Fiction
I've Allowed My Fears To Get Larger Than Life, Karen/Penny by marginalia

The Apprentice, Bela/Jo by honeymink

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Always Yours, Cameron/OC, Cameron/Sarah by shyath
Sense to Run, Sarah/Cameron by rawiyaparand
The Visitor, Sarah/Jesse by j_d_miranda

Woods, Bella/Alice by geckoonyourwall

The West Wing
State Dinners, First Ladies, and Party Politics - Oh My!, CJ/Abby by ariestess

Scott Westerfeld's Uglies
You Can't Count On Me, Shay/Tally by furies

Wild Child
you’re always made up, Poppy/Kate by stripedheartx

Women's Murder Club
Freedom of Information, Lindsay/Jill by mosca

Memory, hither come, Jean/Emma by scoured
Happy Campers, Kitty/Jubilee by second_batgirl

A Hundred Times Too Short (House M.D., Thirteen/Cuddy)

Title: "A Hundred Times Too Short"
Author: paperflowered
Recipient: rawiyaparand
Fandom: House M.D.
Pairing: Thirteen/Cuddy
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~2850
Disclaimer: House M.D. does not belong to me. I am not profiting from this.
Warnings: none
Notes: Sorry for the delay! I hope you enjoy it.
Summary: It all starts with a cup of coffee.

A Hundred Times Too Short
faith bad example

Perchance To... (BtVS/AtS, Cordelia Chase/Faith Lehane)

Title: Perchance To...
Author: havocthecat
Recipient: aaronlisa
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Pairing: Cordelia Chase/Faith Lehane
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,212
Beta: lyssie and triciabyrne1978
Disclaimer: Not mine. Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon have them.
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Set between 7.20, "Touched" and 7.21, "End of Days" in BtVS chronology (after Faith was knocked unconscious by the explosion), and after 4.21, "Peace Out" (when Cordelia was comatose) in Angel chronology. It's close enough to the same time for both series. This story was written for femslash09.
Summary: When Slayers dream, they touch the edges of what could be. Seers do the same, waking or sleeping. Sometimes, in the spaces of what could be, they meet and talk about what was, what might have been, and, of course, what could come.
we look good in blue

Constant Speed Test, by templemarker (Fast and Furious, Mia/Letty, NC17)

Title: Constant Speed Test
Author: templemarker
Recipient: lilysaid
Fandom: Fast and Furious
Pairing: Mia/Letty
Rating: Oh so NC17.
Word count: 1k
Disclaimer: If it were mine the only way it would be more gay is graphic, graphic sex. Sadly, it remains not-mine.
Warnings: Rough sex and emo.
Summary: She was the only girl who got it, what it was like to want things the girls at school didn't care about but still want girl things too.
Notes: Spoilers through the fourth film. Thanks to my awesome quick-response betas, marcolette and affectingly, and to the mods of this my most favourite of challenges.

Collapse )
me| woman outside in the wind.
  • furies

fic: you can't count on me (scott westerfeld's uglies, shay/tally)

so sorry for the delay, i hope the wait ends up being worth it!

you can't count on me.
Author: furies
Recipient: redshoeson
Fandom: Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series
Pairing: Shay/Tally
Rating: hard-R
Word count: ~ 3200
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters. I didn’t write the books. I’m super poor. No offense meant, I write because I love.
Warnings: These Specials are Cutters. Yes, that means what you think it does. Spoilers for the end of Pretties, beginning of Specials.
Notes: Super-special thanks to fox1013 for hand-holding and making sure I wasn’t bogus-making. ;) Thanks to the mods for being so understanding, and redshoeson for the awesome, awesome prompt. Summary from Abra Moore’s "I Believe".

Summary: “Where is the laughter, where is the hopeful? Where is the light that makes me sing?”

you can't count on me.
we're all femmes here

What Happened When Sally Blinked (If She Had Blinked) - Doctor Who, Reinette/Sally Sparrow

Title: What Happened When Sally Blinked (If She Had Blinked)
Author: redshoeson
Recipient: thecolourclear
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Reinette (Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, Madame de Pompadour)/Sally Sparrow
Rating: G
Word count: 1,093
Disclaimer: I don't own anything in Whoville, not even the Whos.
Warnings: Spoilers for The Girl in the Fireplace (2x4) and Blink (3x10).
Summary: The only reason Sally Sparrow doesn't find herself face down in the mud outside Versailles upon discovery is because she has the presence of mind to run when she sees the guards.

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From Start To Beginning (Gossip Girl; Blair/Serena)

Title: From Start to Beginning (Wanting)
Author: queengreen 
Recipient: maddie508 
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Pairing: Serena/Blair
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,320
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. If I did, they well you would be watching this story play out on TV, not in a fic.
A/N: I am SOOO sorry for this being posted so late. I had it all done proper and prepared, but the file somehow ended up being corrupted on my flash drive and I had revert back to an old draft and fix a ton of things. Thanks so much to aphrodite_mine for a last minute beta read. She officially rocks my socks!
Summary: It is quite ludicrous when Blair thinks about it, even silly. She doesn’t remember when it started; maybe it had always been there, at least for as long a time as she could even feel such a thing.

(From Start To Beginning (Wanting))